How to Decide the Right Time to Move


How to Decide the Right Time to Move

When is it time?

Do you find yourself wondering about how to know when it's time to move an aging parent out of their home and into a community? You don't want them to have to leave their home before it's necessary, but you also don't want to wait until their health or safety is jeopardized.

There are many factors to consider, such as the type of home they currently live in and the upkeep it requires, whether they live alone or with a spouse, how long they've lived in their current home, and how strong their support and social network is.

Signs to look for

You know your parent better than anyone, but here are some signs to look for that show it's time to start thinking about an alternative living environment:

  • A lapse in home maintenance, housekeeping, routine tasks, unpaid bills, and a decline in personal hygiene.
  • Scrapes and minor dents to their car reveal diminished driving skills.
  • A change in behavior, such as avoiding social activities, abandoning hobbies, isolation, and mood swings.
  • A decline in memory or cognitive skills. Missing appointments, repeating stories, or asking questions over and over.

Sometimes, symptoms may be subtle and worsen over time. Exploring options at your earliest sign of concern is always best- when your parent is still able to participate in the decision to move.

There are also some signs that it is time to make an immediate move for their safety and wellbeing, including:

  • Wandering- leaving their home at strange hours or getting lost in familiar places.
  • A decline in mobility or stability- you notice your parent is having more frequent falls or trouble balancing, climbing stairs, or making the bed.
  • Not taking medication as prescribed or an inability to manage conditions such as diabetes.
  • Behavior changes such as aggression or violence.

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