Moving Checklist


Moving Checklist

Wondering what the timeline will look like to move your loved one into their new home? We put together a checklist to help!

1-2 months before moving

Finalize Senior Living Community Choice

  • Sign Contract
  • Place Deposit
  • Check on move-in restrictions (day of week & time of day)
  • Get floor plan of new apartment
  • Chest x-ray, doctor visit to have Plan of Care completed within 30 days of move-in (not required for independent living)

Prepare to move

  • Pick a move Date
  • Research moving companies (Assisted Living Locators recommends Move Daddy)
  • Interview and select moving company
  • Take Pictures (This will help with inventory and to re-create your home environment)
  • Sort your belongings
  • Arrange for Junk removal
  • Purchase Moving Insurance if desired
  • Reserve storage space if needed

1 month before moving

Notify people that you are moving

Schedule Utilities to disconnect or transfer

  • Phone
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Garbage

Change address with other services

  • Bank
  • Credit Cards
  • Social Security Administration
  • State Vehicle Registration
  • Driver’s License
  • Pharmacy
  • Insurance Companies (Life, Health and Property)

Other people / services to tell that you are moving

  • Notify Friends and Family - send a post card or short letter
  • Cancel Magazine and Newspaper subscriptions
  • Order checks with new address

1-2 weeks before moving

  • Confirm Movers (Check on date/time for packing, pick-up and delivery)
  • Begin Packing:
  • Separate Valuables that you will hand carry
  • Separate linens, towels and other essentials
  • Pack suit cases with clothing and personal items
  • Photograph your furniture and other high value items (you might have already done this) in case of a claim for damage

2-4 days before moving

  • Finish Packing necessities and personal items
  • Create a schedule for move day
  • Have a screwdriver, wrench and pliers handy
  • Set aside the things you will be moving yourself

Moving Day

  • Remove bedding
  • Take movers through the house & tell them what to do
  • Before movers leave, check each room for things left behind
  • Supervise delivery at your new home
  • Make the bed and unpack the things you carried with you

Rest and enjoy your new home!!